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Janice King Art

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In 2016 I painted this lion at the studio of my friend and artist, Brenda Ferebee, Brooklyn, NY.

Born Janice Payne, a child of Caribbean and Caribbean- American Heritage. I am the eldest daughter and  second child born to my parents in Brooklyn, NY.  All together they had six children.  I grew up in the Sumner Projects in Bedford -Stuyvesant, Brooklyn and went to St. John the Baptist school from kindergarten to eighth  grade.

As a young child I was stricken with Rheumatic Fever affecting my fingers and knees with swelling and pain. In addition I had strep throat quite often and was on medication throughout my school years. Life was fun and painful at the same time. Throughout these years I kept journals ,wrote stories, poetryand loved the arts. I wanted to pursue writing as a career and Nursing. 

I entered high school and during these years became a teen mom and got married.  I graduated on time.  Shortly afterwards I left my husband due to his drug use.   I became employed in banking then  moved myself and toddler son to Brighton Beach, Brooklyn.   

Once  while voicing my desire to pursue a career as a Writer I was matter of factly persuaded by an influential family member to pursue business.  So I did!   I continued to use writing as an outlet to express some of my painful emotions I felt as a  teen mother struggling to raise a black boy alone. It paid the bills and he eventually was college bound.  I then worked at NYC Health and Hospitals and soon after I enrolled at SUNY Empire State College and received an AS degree in Business Management It had nothing to do with the arts but I was being creative all the time.  I would paint and design my home, help other organize their surroundings, loved color and decor and would draw and write periodically.  I also loved the theatre and museums and went when I could. 

Fast forward to 2010 I became incapacitated from Rheumatoid Arthritis.  I could not walk, stand, sit or even sleep without being in excruciating pain.  I felt like my body was full of broken glass pieces.  I had to use a walker to get around and could not brush my teeth properly or wash myself due to my hands being so decrepit and painful.  I could not believe this was happening!  I eventually sought out many specialists, medications, diets, had to undergo three joint replacements and spiritual counseling to address and overcome the past painful emotions that had built up within me and was holding me captive. 

Eventually I overcame these things.  Now I can walk freely and am out of that debilitating nightmare.  But,  I could not beat back the artist in me. 

 In 2016, I began painting  on canvas as a healing .process and the age of 60 I became a self-taught, emerging artist.   I paint faces which show  joy, pain and strength as these are some of the emotions I have experienced.  I also paint scenes, abstracts and flowers.  I have had gallery exhibits, taught painting classes and look forward to flourishing and prospering as a professional artist.  My work continues and I have come full circle and overcome many obstacles. 

I thank all the wonderful artists of every genre and others who have inspired me all though the years.  

 I also thank my parents, the late Bernice and Godfrey Payne for the gift of life and their tenacity in raising six children.  Love you forever

Painting at the studio of Brenda Ferebee,
Brooklyn, NY.

Paintings created especially for you!

"Creating an imprint that no one else can."

Services offered are:  art classes, painting parties, commissions and original paintings on canvas.

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